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But remember – we’re just getting started and we need YOUR help to make this the longest chain of kindness the world has ever seen!


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We’re Putting The ‘ing’ Back Into GIVING!

We all know deep down that giving lights up our souls in a way that nothing else can and the best form of giving – a random act of kindness where the person receiving has NO idea it’s coming their way!

While numerous studies including those conducted at Harvard have evidence to back up the fact that GIVING is the secret to happiness, health and social prosperity – there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it going around!

So…we decided to do some investigating and find out why!

The sad truth is we live in a world of suspicion rather than love and  most people feel wary that a random act of kindness would be met by scepticism instead of joy – basically it’s not the done thing!

And you know what – we don’t blame you because when we tried to do some random acts of kindness of our own, this is exactly the reaction we were met with BUT with your help that is all about to change…

We created teacoffeesmoothie with the aim of making it the norm to surprise complete strangers with a random act of kindness and be met with nothing but glee!!!

Inspired by the 2013 ripple effect at Starbucks in the US where over 700 people had paid for the person next in line over a 48 hour period – your challenge is to spread the love by handing a lucky acquaintance one of our ‘pay it forward’ packets and watch their faces as they realise you’ve just picked up the tab for their favourite beverage – a tea, coffee or smoothie!

Their challenge: to continue to pay it forward and create a ripple of kindness unlike anything the world has EVER seen!