How It Works!

For those who don’t have a ‘Pay It Forward’ Packet

1. Grab Your ‘Pay It Forward’ Packets!

Go here and grab your ‘pay it forward’ packets before they’re all gone!

2. Fill Your Packets With Your Desired Amount

It’s not about how much you give, it’s about the act of giving so give whatever feels comfortable to you (but enough to cover a drink!)

If you don’t feel comfortable putting in cash – you could always load a gift voucher at your favourite store and include that instead.

3. Take a Selfie and Post on Social Media

Take a selfie with your Pay It Forward Packets.

Also write your name/initials on the back of the envelope and take another picture so that we can track where your packet ends ups!

Post both pics online on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #teacoffeesmoothie

You can find us online @teacoffeesmoothie on:

Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

4. Give Each Packet to a LUCKY Stranger to Make Their Day!

You’re now ready to hand out your packets!

Wait around to see their reaction or walk away super suave – it’s up to you!

For those who were lucky enough to receive a ‘Pay It Forward’ Packet

Here is a reminder of the instruction card…

Competitions & Exclusive Vouchers

We regularly announce competitions and exclusive discounts at your favourite tea, coffee and smoothie stores but these are only available to our VIP members.

Becoming a VIP is completely free – just click here to join now.