Grab Your Packets!

Woohoo! It’s Time to Grab Your Pay It Forward Packets…

If You’re Based in the UK…

Our Pay It Forward Packets are on the way (they are just getting dolled up for their magical journey…)

Register your interest below and you’ll be the first to know as soon as they become available.

If You’re Based Outside the UK…

Pay It Foward packets are currently only available to purchase in the UK – but we are working hard to stock these in your country very soon.

However, the packets from the UK have made it overseas so you still may be in chance of receiving one.

In the mean time – you can still take part in the TeaCoffeeSmoothie pay it forward mission by sponsoring a packet that will start in the UK and you’ll never know where it may end up! We’ll send you a video of your packet being delivered to your lucky recipient and let them know it’s from you.

Also, make sure you let us know that you’d like these packets to be made available for purchase where you are and you’ll be the first to know as soon as they’re ready!